UFO Phenomenon
UFO were a hard rock no-nonsense outfit from the seventies. Hard working, straight down the line, with an excellent sense of humour, notwithstanding occasional outbreaks of madness from their blond German lead guitarist. The design for Phenomenon is taken from their name and hopefully their sense of humour, but instead of a UFO craft itself this image is one step back, i.e. person taking a picture of a UFO craft, or rather one step further still, faking rather than taking a picture of an unidentified flying object. In effect what we have here is a real event involving an unreal unidentified object trying to be a real UFO later despite everyone knowing it to be untrue anyway. Confused? Well obviously the band were because they bought it.
The woman taking the photo has been caught in the act (of taking a photo in her world) and is irritated by our intrusion, turning round with an angry guilty face. The obliging husband in the background is not aware of our camera or her reaction, intent upon removing the hubcap from his car and hurling it up into the air where hopefully it will masquerade as a UFO. Helpful husband, in his cosy cardigan. Cosy couple in their cosy bungalow with manicured lawn. No one would expect them to fake a picture or perpetrate a fraud. No one would expect UFO to have a cover like this. Must have enjoyed the joke.
Phenomenon (vinyl front)
1974 Chrysalis Records